Interim CFO & Controller Services

Johnson Advisory provides part time CFO and Controller services to small and medium size companies that are not in a position to hire a full time CFO or Controller due to many constraints. Our part time CFO and Controller services are best suited to your requirements and manage your financial bookkeeping and reporting process.


We understand that every organization requires a different service portfolio, so we handle each client based on their specific requirements.  Our clients are handled by a team of professionals having a level of expertise not normally found in small businesses. A typical team of CFO and Controller services that supports you as a small business owner consists of a CA and an Accounting or Bookkeeping Specialist. Utilizing our CFO and Controller services can save you the time, effort and cost of employing a full time in-house CFO or Controller.


Our primary responsibilities under these engagements include the following:


•  Budgets and forecasting;

•  Cash flow management;

•  Key performance indicators;

•  Financial analysis and modeling;

•  Financing;

•  Special projects;

•  Working with professionals (CA, Banker, Attorney, etc.).


The benefits of using Johnson Advisory for CFO and Controller services include:

•  Financial and ratio analysis;

•  Year end tax preparation;

•  One stop solution for all of your finance and accounting needs;

•  Substantial cost savings and lower overheads;

•  Timely, accurate and fast processing;

•  Optimal financial reporting and data availability;

•  Electronic Data Management  that provides you with quarterly or annual CD containing electronic copies of your financials and electronic images of documents associated with any transaction.